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Color Guard

Color guard uses their flags, sabers and rifles to create a visually powerful dynamic routine as an accompaniment to the music the marching band is performing.

Not only do they literally bring “color” to the show with a variety of colored flags, they also bring movement, emotion and skill through their dance routines. Their synchronized flag spinning and the use of other props can create a sea of color throughout the football field which can really bring the music to life. Color guard adds visual affect to the entire show.

Color guard along with marching band is considered a sport. It takes physical strength and stamina to prepare not only for the duration of the show but also for the intense competition the students engage in against other schools throughout the county and the state.

Recently our color guard team has achieved the 2015 Jupiter Festival of Bands Color Guard Champions and the 2016 Crown Jewel Invitational Auxiliary Best in Class.

We will perform the same way we rehearse. That is why rehearsals are very disciplined.

Winter Guard

Winter guard performs with as much intensity as the color guard does. The difference is that they perform indoors instead of on the football field. Each member must be dedicated to achieve our team goal and that is to be the best we can possibly be. Through practice after practice and then even more practice, that is how we achieve our success.

Winter guard allows the students to continue their craft long after the football season is over. Held during the winter season, these shows are crafted to bring out the best of each students talent.

Our winter guard team was established in the Spring of 2013. In just a few years we have already medaled 3 times. 2015 Scholastic AA Bronze Medalist, 2016 Scholastic AA Round 1 Gold Medalist and 2017 Scholastic AA Bronze Medalist. We are just getting started!